C is for Comfort

When it rains in pours.

This week consisted of illness, unexpected expenses, and water in the basement AGAIN. 😒

When things get crazy I tend to try to just survive. Eat healthy food, drink water, ok more like a gallon of coffee, and attempt to sleep. But with a kiddo sleep is not usually the course of action I can take. So when I get sleep it’s even more precious.

I have a few stuffies that I love to sleep with but one in particular is my truest friend for naps (rare) and night (also rare 😆).

This is Chuck. Chuck has been pictured in this blog before, but none of these posts have given Chuck the spotlight he deserves. Chuck the Chick is a Squishmallow. He is 16 inches tall and the coziest pillow I’ve ever used.

For me having a squishy pillow, stuffie, nice blanket, etc. is very comforting.

How about you?

What is comforting for you?


Little Wilders

Today I will be featuring my FAVORITE plushie shop:

Little Wilders

Little Wilders Website

Little Wilders are handmade (mama-made) plushies from South Carolina USA. They are made by Meghan who is such a talented creator. Pictured above is 100 items that she sold for her birthday this past June in her special birthday shop drop.

Meghan creates plush of all different types and styles but has focused a great deal on food items. Her fan favorites include creative Frappes and Toaster Pastries.

Some other amazing creations are animals including this piggy as pictured above. She uses a wide range of fabrics including plush, minky, and textured fabrics. She uses premium felt for the faces and hand stitches each face to perfection.

She also created this amazing plush bluebird and fuzzy happy egg. Her creations are so happy and so sweet. She is present on Facebook in her VIP Facebook group and on Instagram. Please check out her Facebook group for insider information on when items become available! There are also lots of giveaways, right to buys, and auctions!

She also created an entire line of silly monsters which were a HUGE hit with her customers. Some of the unstuffed loveys are pictures below.

What a great way to celebrate Monday sharing my favorite small business with you. ❤️❤️❤️

Little Wilders Website:


Little Wilders VIP Facebook Group:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/shoplittlewilders?igshid=5pq965hlsk5n


Who Had a Hard Week?

This is what I feel like after this week.

I feel like my fake smile is evident. Like I can only hold this position so long before I collapse entirely. The struggle is real with real life issues. It makes me want to crawl into a closet and sit there in silence for a while. When life is hard it makes me want to obsess more over the collecting. The things that make me feel good instead of stressed and terrible. This week I spent hours pouring over buy/sell/trade pages looking for plush and good deals. Mostly to take away the pain of reality this week.

On a lighter note, our Squishmallows continue to get lots of love at our house. And my little one is starting to accept the Hartley sloth.

I hope you have an excellent weekend.



My Easter Additions

This year after Easter I hit the jackpot on the clearance.

I was able to find these 3 Squishmallows at our local Walgreens. Squishmallows have a velvety texture and compress a bit like a stress ball. They are my personal favorite and my kiddo likes then too!

The chick is 16 inches and is named Chuck. The little ones are a part of the keychain collection.

Chuck lives on the bed. Since then we have collected a few more Squishmallows. I will share our additions later.

Do you like themed plush?

Throw a comment below and let’s chat!


The Sloth has been claimed

Well I think our cat Wicket loves this new Hartley sloth. A lot more than my kiddo does.

Which is fine by me. Sometimes we get stuff just to add it to the collection. I have tried to limit ourselves to only getting things that are true love. We just had a garage sale and have had an online selling purge.

How do you manage your stuff? Have you tried the Marie Kondo method? Do you do spring cleaning?

Let’s chat! Throw a comment below.


New Friend In Town

We got a new friend in the mail today. I got it for my little but in reality it’s more for me. Little one is a blankie fan and I’m the plush and lovey fan.

This one is new version of the Slumberkins Hartley sloth. It’s intention is about family change. The creators have referenced it in conjunction with children in foster care. I could also see how it would be useful in other family situations. Although it isn’t super applicable to our family situation, I have a soft spot for the sloth snugglers. And it’s coloring is beautiful. It is an iridescent silvery brown/tan.

I don’t love this newer material because it looks greasy. I do prefer the newer style faces though. I don’t like the pilling on the felt or the fleece faces. And the velveteen faces stay nicer looking even in the wash.

I am very excited to add this sloth to my collection. Do you have any sloths from any companies? Do you prefer handmade items or mass produced?

Throw a comment below and let’s chat!

Happy Saturday folks.


Friday Fun

Who is ready for the weekend??

We are ready for a no commitment weekend over here.

I have been wanting to write for a while but life continues to throw curve balls.

I recently sent these two sweeties to new loving homes. They were only with us for a short time but they were so sweet.

These Slumberkins are two discontinued colors and both were made in Oregon from Spoon and Moon before they fully switched over to just Slumberkins. The sloth has an embroidered face which came after the hand stitched felt faces and before the newer fleece faces. Now they use a velveteen face. The fox on the right has a fleece face. It’s so interesting how a company changes over time. It’s been fun getting into the Slumberkins collection. My little one loves the books and I love the snugglers. ❤️

Have you had a similar experience with any of your collections? Have you enjoyed getting to know the history?

Happy Friday Friends. 🎉