Been away yet again

It looks like I have not been able to keep up with blogging. Graduate school continues to be my main focus as I head towards graduation in May. Stay Tuned and thanks for the support even though I have not been consistent.





Well well well.

It appears that I promised to keep up with blogging and yet again I failed to keep my promise. It’s frustrating when I want to do something and have good intentions and then all of a sudden everything else becomes more important. Blogging is a great hobby and I enjoy receiving feedback from readers, but it seems as though the harder aspects of life pay the bills and lend themselves to make sure the cats are fed.

In other news, I wanted to talk about the importance of donating and giving away stuffed animals for those of us who may have too many in our collections. Re-gifting and donating are extremely important because without these actions, hoarding may occur. Now I am sure that all of you have seen the show hoarders at some point and thought one of two things:

1. “Oh my goodness. I am a hoarder. Look at how much stuff I have.”

2. “Oh my goodness. Those people are disgusting. How do they live with themselves? I need to go clean everything I have ever owned.”

True hoarding is a mental illness that can be remedied by organizational assistance and counseling. But for those of us who just own too many stuffed animals, there is a simple fix!

Give some away or donate to your local thrift store!

Non-profit thrift stores such as Goodwill and Salvation Army work to help local communities. Other thrift stores such as Saver’s are not non-profit so beware. I know we can all do some good by paring down and reducing our collections every once in a while.


Squishables Plush

I found these wonderful critters online today and I think that they would make a great present. They are a little bit pricey, but sometimes it’s worth it to splurge on something fun.

Link to the shopping page!

I hope you check them out because they look seriously silly and fun.

Who could you surprise with a giant sloth or peacock??

squish_sloth_15 peacock

Happy Tuesday and happy browsing!



It’s been a minute

Wow. I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a year. Let me tell you, it’s been quite the year. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s true: I started graduate school last August to begin my journey to get my master’s in social work. And let it be known for the record, that graduate school is quite the trip. I’m just finishing year one in the next week and it has been exciting, terrifying, stressful, rewarding, joyful, painful, and memorable. There have been days I feel like laughing, crying, screaming, and smiling all within a few hours. But enough about me. This summer I should have a little more free time to devote to this precious blog o’ mine that I started back in 2013. Thankfully for y’all, I have quite a few pictures and stories built up so I should have a new post weekly. I hope you haven’t forgotten me or my blog in this time span. I have missed you.

For my story today, I would like to share a picture of a stuffed animal that I got on Saturday for myself as a reward for getting my research paper done and turned in at 11:58 PM and it was due at 11:59 PM on Friday. That 18 page monster was rewarding and obnoxious, so I decided I needed a new friend. I found this little gem at Toys R Us and I was thankful to find him because he looks a little bit like my Wicki kitty. I have had a hard time finding brown or gray tabby cat plush, so I was happy to see this lonely little guy tucked in a corner with some penguins and a lion.

Photo on 5-3-15 at 10.44 PM

A little Wicki

I am very thankful that my husband loves stuffed animals as much as I do and we share our love for cuddly friends together. This little Wicki is a good reminder for me that I can do anything and I have some supporters in my life who are willing to help me through the mud and gunk that life throws my way.

If you have a story to share or a stuffed animal you would like me to feature, please send an email to megfei29@gmail.com with a picture or a story you would like me to include!!




There are few things I love more than cats

Have you ever met a cat? A lot of people have really strong opinions about cats and quite a few of them are negative. I happen to really love, adore, appreciate, and respect felines. They are graceful (most of the time), they are playful (all the time), they are snuggly (when they want to be), they are great companions, they can be talkative, shy, happy, and silly. What astonishes me on a daily basis is that many “dog people” think that cats don’t have personalities, or they think that all cats have the same personality (generally thinking they are mean). Now I know for a fact that cats can be mean, but this doesn’t mean that all cats are mean. Cats can be naturally skittish and many traumatic situations can cause cats to be fearful. Being abandoned, sickness, old age, and lack of stimulation can cause a major change in personality. Being around too manny cats can also change how a cat behaves or reacts. Believe it or not, having a cat that is in-tact/not spayed or neutered/ not fixed, is also a huge cause in negative behaviors. Cats that are not fixed have more primal instincts and can hold grudges against their owners because they are not being allowed to mate which is their main goal. Number one important cat owner tip: SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR CAT!!!!! But now back to business. Cats are beautiful creatures that have a variety of great qualities and due to their “self-sufficient nature” they are often great pets for families with children or the elderly.

Now for the personal information. I have two cats. I rescued both from 2 different local animal shelters. One was a 5 month old orange kitten who had a severe eye infection that was on the list of surgeries to have his eye removed. We fostered him for several weeks and then were able to adopt him officially once his eye infection got better. He did not have to have his eye removed. He is a silly, talkative cat that enjoys cat pole toys, playing fetch, and dry food. Roary is such a wonderful cat.

My other cat was rescued as an “unknown age young kitten” from a kill shelter where his mom and littermates had already been euthanized due to extreme aggression towards people. He was a pathetic 2 pound ball of brown fur that purred so hard when you picked him up your whole body shook. The only thing he wanted in the world was to be loved. My husband initially picked him out, but when I picked him up, I was sold. We had big concerns though because Roary was bullied by other cats in his past and didn’t seem eager to have another friend around. We brought home Wicket with high hopes and the first week was rough. Roary HATED Wicket and Wicket wanted nothing more than to cuddle with Roary. It was stressful, but hilarious in retrospect. One week later they were best friends who slept together, ate out of the same food bowl, shared everything, and simply put, they became brothers.

Wicket is an interesting little kitten because now although he is approximately 8-10 months old, he is very small. He loves canned food, picking on Roary (who he is smaller than), going outside on the patio to lay in the sun, and snuggling his Mommy. He is a Mommy’s boy through and through. Which is just fine because Roary is a daddy’s boy. They love us both whole heartedly, but we know deep down that we each kind of ended up with our own little admirers. It’s funny how things work out like that. We started off with the runts of two separate litters, each with their own crazy back stories and histories, and ended up with our perfect family of 4 and we couldn’t be happier. Call us a crazy cat family if you like, but until you have a relationship with a cat, I can tell you that it is not your place to say that you hate cats. And if one cat “hates” you then you clearly need to try again and not give up on an entire species based on one situation.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, and other Veterinary Statistics Databases, there are more cats owned in homes than dogs in the United States. So if that doesn’t tell you something, then what will? Dogs drool? Cats rule?

In any case cats deserve a chance!

Also, just so you know, I also happen to love dogs, I would own one if my living situation permitted such, but until then I am happily living with cats.



Grumpy Cat

Have you ever seen Grumpy Cat? It is depressing, sad, silly, and hilarious all at once.

Here is an example for you.

According to Wikipedia, Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce and is a normal, regular cat who just happens to look extremely Grumpy. She is actually really sweet and enjoys life more than she lets on.

Here is a wonderful plush version of her that you can have in your home:



It is just wonderful.


—–M + 2 of the least grumpy cats in the world




Spring Cleaning

When someone says they are doing spring cleaning, what does it really mean? For some people I think it means washing their windows, power washing their siding, and clearing the leaves off their yard. For others it might mean washing the salt and dirt off their car and getting out the old lawnmower again. For some maybe spring cleaning is simply a hypothetical, a yeah-right-maybe-next-year kind of phrase. I would like to think that for some, spring cleaning is a deep and meaningful time of reflection where they evaluate their life and clean out what is bad and replace it with positivity and motivation for a better life.

For me on the other hand, spring cleaning means trying on all my summer clothes and donating what doesn’t fit. It also means assessing all the items that are in plain view in my home and donating what isn’t needed or necessary. It means getting out those rollerblades, my hula hoop, and swim wear. It means dreading seeing my pale skin gleam in the sun again.

And mostly, spring cleaning means taking all my stuffed animals outside and shaking all that winter dust off. As well as possibly passing on an old friend to a new friend. Because sometimes letting go of the old is just the right kind of cleaning we need in our life. And what better time than spring to do so.


S Memo